A Couple of boys Come to Play

I got a call one day from a couple of boys who wanted to play.  They asked me for a Forced "bi" session.  If you're a guy who would like a dick in his mouth, chances are you're already there.  I cannot force someone to be bisexual but I understood what they wanted.  They were tempted by their desires but would not permit themselves to light those fires.  Neither knew the other but they asked around the same time, so I devised a plan so Fine.  Let me tell you about the day I set up a play date between two of my subs while I conducted the affair.  Welcome to My Lair.  

When the bell rang, I opened my door to find them shifting from foot to foot. looking at each other warily. I snapped, "Do not say a word and Come Inside." They obeyed, dropping to their knees as trained. They were my most Oral slaves. Over and over, session after session, they begged me to put dildos in their mouths as I punished them. Today they were going to try the real thing and they were gonna love it.  

On the phone, I told them to bring their collars. Now I attached their leashes and walked them into the dungeon. I had two Saint Andrew's Crosses stationed so they were facing each other.  I ordered them to assume their positions as I locked them in. Now they could watch as I alternated between them.  I gagged them up nice and tight and dove right in to pure Delight.  Let's Play, Bitches!

I stood between them, Flogger in hand.  I wound up and Delivered My Demands.  I swung the whip from one to the other. Back and forth, between the two until their flesh was the perfect hue. I named the pet on my left puppy.  Puppy loves pain and humiliation.  He hurries to do what I say in each and every way.  I call the "animal" on my right kitten.  He is cunning and sneaky.  He likes to be a manipulative brat and gets in trouble often for that.  Puppy is tall.  Kitten is short.  All they have in common is that they are submissive and they both crave cock.  I noted the arousal in their eyes and saw their dicks begin to rise.

I had a fix for their throbbing pricks.  I decided to be sage and put their peckers in a cage. I had a few more toys for my naughty boys.  For kitten, I had set aside a pair of vibrating bullet nipple clamps.  There’s a wonderful pinch with the added plus of  vibration celebration. It will drive a sub senseless. I fastened the bullets to each nipple. I turned them on and watched his reaction. Kitten’s deceptively cherubic cheeks blushed a deep red. He smiled.  Bullets whirring, I revved up my riding crop and slapped him repeatedly. Just because I could. I whapped his clamped bits, and then moved lower, really laying in to his jiggly skin. I was happy when he Lost his grin. I showed him his next treat. It was a thrusting, prostate massager. I slathered it with lube and pushed it in place. His asshole gobbled it hungrily, no stranger to probes. He moaned loudly, drooling over his gag. I pinched his love handles and moved on to my faithful puppy.



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