In My little part of the world, I have developed a reputation for My sissy sessions. I was thrilled when a young naval officer contacted Me for help exploring his softer side. We set our date for the next morning. I planned to dress him up and begin his training in the Feminine. As a Dominatrix, I get off on the power I have when I take control of another soul. So I whistled cheerily as I chose his outfit for the following day. 

Pink. That's what I wanted to put him in. Truthfully, I wanted to soak him in it, drown him in the concept of it. I found My pink lace, bra and panty set with a matching pink lace robe. It was the epitome of femininity. I brushed out a crimson-red wig and set up the room for My sissy play gig. 

He arrived promptly at 10:00. He rang the doorbell and I let him in. I inspected his short physique, then I grabbed his hand and dragged him behind Me. I showed him the outfit spread out on the bed. I ordered him to dress in the panty set. I watched him as he stripped and shimmied into the pink panties. He dripped with happiness as the lace hugged his balls tight to his body. I wanted him to immerse in that feeling, to revel in the pleasure of being sweet and soft.

I pushed him onto My bed and cuffed him down, arms and legs stretched wide before Me. Let the training begin. My first goal was to make his skin pinker than his panties while indoctrinating him with his fantasy. I started with a red velvet flogger, sweeping it over him, back and forth. As I brought his blood to the surface, I dictated My rules. I laughed, "I will refer to you as pinky from now on. I expect you to become pink in all ways. Sink into the mystery of femininity while you obey My every decree. 

I told pinky that the raw meat dangling from their body would be called their clitty. No longer a cock and every inch belonged to Me. I teased pinky's clit with a long black feather, and the big clit stretched for good measure. I was disappointed in the amount of pubic hair on display. I informed My new sissy that she would be shaving until smooth before the next visit. Then I swatted pinky's clitty with My riding crop.

I punished pinky for her poor effort and demanded that she endure ten more whacks. In real submissive form,  pinky's clitty grew beneath My crop, and pre-cum leaked from the top. I collected the ooze in My hand, then mashed it into pinky's mouth. I sneered, "Savor the flavor of your cum because I see it in your eyes, your desire for dick. What better way to get used to the taste? I couldn't let pinky's spunk go to waste. 

I trailed My fingers along her swollen nub, amused at the graphic reaction as the mound of flesh rose to the occasion. Again it leaked onto My hand so I smashed the gunk on juicy lips while I tortured pinky's member with My fingertips. Pinky tossed her hair in erotic bliss, then surrendered to My electric kiss. She succumbed to My wanton ways, mouth agape in a sub-space daze. My mouth connected with Pinky's as she accepted the cum while I spit it back, dripping from My tongue. Pretty in Pink, My cum-starved slut. Maybe next time, I'll train that butt. 


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