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  I sent a message to My servant. Come over at 11:00 p.m. Don't say a word. Don't make a sound. I don't want to talk. I don't want to hear your voice. Obey My demands. You have no choice. It was morning and there were many sessions ahead of Me. I sent My orders early so I would have something to look forward to when the night came.  Hours of flogging and spanking flew by. I made My own kind of art as I decorated each canvas in red blossoms. Human skin is My medium and I paint with pain. My long day of beating ass was done, so I poured a glass of wine and relaxed on My comfy couch. The clock struck eleven and I heard the door crack as he entered My house. I had left the door unlocked so he could come in without hindering My repose.  I had brain-washed him ages ago, so he knew his role by now. He crawled to the end of My couch, by My feet. He began massaging My aching arches. I groaned in ecstasy. He kissed My toes, then My knees, as he worked his way up My body. I stared


  I have a standing appointment with a hot, thirty-something sub. His favorite thing is cock and ball torture so he was thrilled when I told him we were going to play with items you can find around the house. I went to the local dollar store and found items of fun galore. I spent under twenty bucks to make this man My tortured cuck.  My sub was so excited that he arrived early. He stripped like a good boy so I could tie him to the bed. Then I slipped a blindfold over his head. His dick was hard and dripping wet. He was ready. You can bet. I prefer to start with a soft, limp dick but his prick sprang to life the minute he dropped his pants. I whacked it with My riding crop but his hard-on did not stop. I gripped it with a homemade clamp and secured it til My puss was damp. You can make this clamp with chopsticks and rubber bands, pure destruction in your hands.  The more I ramped up the pain the more My sub went insane. I taped his balls so snug and tight then scraped them with a butter


  It was time to face facts. The man needed to Relax. He was always putting out fires. Running his company is stressful and it made him feel wired. He felt like a rat in a cage so when his friend told him about a Hypnosis Session with Me, it was an Epiphany. The man knew deep inside that he needed help but couldn't fathom how to get it. Now he understood. Hypnosis resonated with him. Mind Control was his goal.  Sure, he could go to a therapist for this, but the man preferred the idea of submitting to a Dominatrix. That would be his psychic fix. He called Me and set a date. The man was happy. He could not wait.  When he arrived I made him strip, then I strapped him to My bed. Relaxation music flowed through the room, setting the stage for Suggestion. Once he was cinched in place, I stood over him with a smile on My face. Devilment glinted in My gaze as I began My mental take-over. I spoke softly and slowly, lulling him into a false sense of security. I drew his full attention as I c