Sissifying Sammie


Written for My podcast FEMDOM FRENZY:

I swooshed the pendant back and forth, capturing Sammie's attention. I already had Sammie tied to the bed, arms and legs spread wide. Sammy was completely at My mercy, vulnerable to suggestion and Mine for possession. Sammie was here for Sissification but needed a bit of mental persuasion. They need to be forced into taking that step into the feminine, manipulated into embracing that deepest desire. So I put Sammie in restraints, bending their mind to My control to fulfill their very soul.

The pendant sparkled, taking Sammie on a psychic trip. I whispered, "Sammie, you want to be My sissy. You will beg to be My little slut and submit to whatever I say. You're gonna be My pretty bitch and I'm gonna scratch your sissy itch." Sammie moaned with happiness. This was already more than Sammie dreamed. Wrapped in chains, Sammie creamed. Now, I had Sammie under My spell. Time for make-up and lingerie so Sammie can submerge in sissy play. 

I applied layers of cosmetic goo, then dressed Sammie in lace of cerulean blue. I strapped on a huge dildo then I made Sammie My sissy ho. Down the throat with a big thick dick then Sammie licked the head of the slick wet prick. Training day had just begun and My sissy slut was having fun. I wrapped tape around the balls and Sammy got lost in My thrall. I made Sammie My human doll.  I ordered Sammie to their knees and taught My bitch to beg and plead. I forced Sammie to strut their stuff, teaching Sammie to be My fluff. 

I put Sammie in a hog-tie position and made Sammie whine for anal penetration. I lubed My strap-on and inched it in. Prostate pleasure made Sammie spin. Sammie cried for More! More! More! Loving life as My whore. They could not take it for very much longer. The swelling in their crotch got stronger and stronger. I pounded Sammie's ass just one more time, making sure that they were Mine. I grabbed hold of Sammie's boy clit, as we were coming to the end of their Sissy skit. Sammie screamed when that clitty blew and Sammie wailed, "Mistress I love you." 

I snapped My fingers and Sammie woke up, a little bit sore and wholly broken. I sent Sammie home still wearing make-up. A way to hold the memory of how they gave their ass to Me. Now, I owned Sammie's brain, weak, empty, meek, and drained. We made plans to meet once more before I kicked them out the door. Sissy Sammie, not a girl or a boy. Now and Forever they'll be My toy. 


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