Red-Bottom Blues

He begged his wife to add some spice to their life. He wanted to be spanked in a sexy way but she just laughed at his idea of play. He didn't find it funny so he got permission to call Me for a roleplay theme that could overtake his dreams. I made a plan that thrilled the poor man. I told him to show up at six p.m. the very next day. If he was late I would make him pay.

He arrived right on time. He didn't want to face My wrath. I would ramp up the violence and surely not by half. I dragged him to My dungeon room. My throne waited to complete his doom. He didn't want tools, or crops, or paddles. He wanted to feel My hands on his skin. My warm fingers on his pale, jiggly flesh. Making him comply while I whispered he was naughty. Close to his balls, making him feel dirty. Over-the-knee spanking is what the little man craved. I made it My mission to show him just how to behave.

I told him to get naked and fall down to his knees. Before I began, he needed to say please. I watched him on the floor and heard him beg for More. He liked the abuse and worshipped Me as his Dominatrix Muse. I pushed his nose into My twat and made him lick Me, wet and hot. Once I came, I let him lay across My lap. Time for him to get his slaps. I raised My hand and let it land. You should have heard the moans from the man. I kept on hitting, blow after blow. Blooms grew from My efforts, pooling down below. I reddened his juicy bottom, fanning the flames with a shove. Then he called Me, Mommy, reliving his drama of Love. 

I revved up the whacks to his butt. Fifty more left him black and blue. He gyrated his body so his cock fell through My thighs. He tried for satisfaction but his wish had been denied. Bad boys get spanked, as everybody knows. For this little imp, it made his shrimp dick grow. I felt his prick dampen My hose. Pre-cum messiness earned a swat to subbie's nose. Red-Bottomed blues were just his kind of style. The more I made it hurt, the more the man went wild. He'd have trouble sitting and so My work was done. He left Me knowing, he'd never had more fun. 


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