The guy lived 6 hours away but he knew No One Else would Do. He had been following Me for a while and was obsessed with My Southern Style.  My Wicked Drawl makes his heart a flutter so he called My niteflirt number. When I told him to confess, his body shook and he took a deep breath.  He cried, "I have a secret shame.  I can barely speak it's name.  I'm a humble, lowly cuck and I would love to watch you fuck. Will you give me Degradation and plenty of Humiliation? Will you grant my One desire and set my crappy life on fire?" 

You see, the last year had been Hell for him, just like it had for everyone else.  The Covid Chaos had dissolved his twenty year marriage.  Now he wanted to get away to indulge in fetish play. He is a full-on submissive, yet had never met an Authentic Dominatrix.  His fear of living in the lifestyle had kept him quiet through every relationship.  He secretly loved watching his friends make passes at his wife, hoping with a little luck he could be a bedroom cuck.  He realized he provoked arguments with her so that he could feel the blaze of her rage.  She was excellent at condescension when you got her going.  Unfortunately the lack of communication and his passive-aggressive nature led to the destruction of his household.  The marriage was finished but the fantasy thrived so he was ready to make that drive.

 Of course, I had a Tasty plan and I couldn't wait to shame this man. I summoned My favorite slave to show this fool how the game is played. I arranged our tete-a-tete. Yawl ain't heard nothing yet! The cuck thought he would watch and see, but I arranged a Treat for three.  Two boys doing all they can to prove who is the better man.  When they walked into My door I shoved the pair to the floor.

I made them strip face to face then made them crawl into place.  I looked at both of them and laughed.  I was ready to unleash My wrath.  I chained little cuck to a bondage chair then showed him where to connect his stare.  I tied My slave to My bondage bed then I sat down on his head.  I rode slave's mouth as I ground on top while the stupid cuck drooled for cock.  I praised My slave for a job well done as he worshipped My cunt with his tongue.  

The bondage chair was near My side.  That way, I could flog little cuck while I took a pleasure ride.  I pointed at cuck's dick as passion plumed the air.  I cackled as I came then insulted cuck with flair: "Your prick is very tiny, more of a sissy clit. Thank goodness for My slave's big cock cause yours just isn't shit."  Cuck licked his lips with jealousy, a thirst from deep inside. He knew he longed to suck slave's dick and lick that round backside. I grabbed cuck by the ear and said to him, "Look over here. See how much better he is than you."  Then I climbed on My slave for a go at Round two.

 I told cuck to get in position and suck slave's dick like a man on a mission.  My slave had been a perfect gent so he deserved a compliment. Cuck took slave way down his throat so for slave it was all She wrote. Smothered by My pussy and sucked by a cuck, slave shot his load and cuck drank it up. Cuck was happy to receive every drop, so he jerked his sissy clit since he barely had a cock. When he jizzed he screamed, "CUCKADOODLEDO! Thank you Mistress Victory for a Dream Come True!"


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