Welcome to another story from My Wild and Wonderful Life! This is what it’s like when you Live on the Edge of a Knife. I adore the art of Role Play. Games people Play are how I make My Way. I got a call from a guy who wanted to give it a try. When you have been a Pro-Domme for as long as I have you run across some common themes. FEAR! That’s a big one. Some people need that Thrill. That adrenaline flow that sings through your veins when Fear takes hold. They crave it in their very Souls.

You know what else this newbie said? He wanted to be taken advantage of, Manipulated; forced into a Situation that he must Survive. He must submit to stay Alive! Music to My Succubus Ears! I designed a Scheme to bring that Zing, a Moment of Fear to last him for Years! Knife Play was the Theme of the Day. I suggested he wear clothes he didn’t mind losing. This is what I told him to do:

“Ring the Bell precisely at Nine. I’m gonna give you your opening Line. We will pretend there’s a raging storm outside. Your car battery and your phone have died. You knock on My door looking for Help. For now that’s all you need to know. I’ll see you then and it’s On with the Show!”

This was going to be so much Fun! Can you imagine how much Psychic Energy I can reap when I scare someone half to death? My heart started thumping, my blood triple pumping. Just planning his Predicament left me Ecstatic. I did a little Happy Dance as I invented his New Happenstance.

Fate must have wanted in on the plan or maybe I’ve got the favor of the Weather man, but the morning broke with a Lightning Bolt. The thunder and the rain poured without shame. I was stoked to set My Scene and introduce him to his Queen. So I got up to pamper and primp. On presentation I do not skimp. I dressed Myself as Pure Temptation. I was ready for Devastation. That’s about the time he Rang My Bell. Time to meet his Jezebel. When I open the door the Game will start, as I unlock the key to his heart.

He stood there, drenched from the storm. He shivered through the wet clothes plastered to his tall frame. I studied the handsome man as he shifted nervously from foot to foot. His wavy hair draped his forehead, drawing My attention to his piercing blue eyes. I smiled like a dime store villain when he muttered, “Um, Ma’am may I come in and use your phone? My car has died and apparently so has my cell. May I borrow yours to call AAA?”

I raised a saucy eyebrow and opened My door wide, inviting My prey inside. He said, “Thank you so much for letting me in.” Then I spied a lustful grin. I tossed him one right back then I started My Planned Attack. I said, “My phone is charging in the other room. Go on in and I’ll join you soon.” He strutted in without a second thought. Oh what Folly assumptions have Wrought. He never once imagined he could be in danger even though he’s alone with a stranger. Not just a stranger but a Devious Witch. I think I’ll make this pawn My bitch.

While he searched for my phone I found my silver athame. I snuck up on the clueless man and pressed the knife to his neck. I sneered, “Get on the floor and do what I say. Since you’re here we might as well play.” I laughed at the horror written on his face. His fear got Me high and My pulse began to race.

I caught him by the throat and threw him on My bed. Then I cuffed him up, arms above his head. Next I bound his feet, spreading both legs wide. Dread crept up his spine and buried deep inside. I smirked like a shark, inspecting My new toy. He was Mine to unwrap, as My thoughts filled up with Joy. I saw it in his glare, his angst and trepidation. I smoothed back his hair then I flashed My deadly weapon. He was uneasy as he should be, alone in a room with someone like Me.

I ripped away his clothes as he watched in abject terror. He began to panic as he realized his error. “Help! Help! What’s the deal? Hell, Lady! Are you for Real?” Then he yelled, “Let me go!” but I saw his limp dick grow. It got so hard and thick, I just had to slice his prick. I scraped along his length. You’d think that it would shrink. He pretended not to like it but his body couldn’t fight it. Though he screamed oh so loud, his cock stood up, nice and proud.

Now he was naked, under My control so I branded My new victim, starting with his pole. I slipped him in My pussy as I bit into his flesh, then I rode My prey to the point of death. I took him to the edge for the best night of his life. Adventure to Remember because deep cuts the knife.


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