The room was dark except for one small desk lamp pointing towards the ceiling.  I told the hot guy to lay down on the bed and prop his head on the pillows.  I sat at the end, in his direct line of view.  I held My crystal tipped magic wand.  What light there was danced from it's prismatic facets.

I told him to watch the crystal.  To Pay close attention to it's refractions through the shadows.  I moved My wand in a window-wiper motion that matched the timbre of My Voice. I ordered him to flex his feet forwards and back as he kept his eyes on the moving crystal.  Soon he was in tandem with Me.  I said, "Now let your feet sink into the mattress.  Feel your blood rushing to pool into your heels.  Your feet feel like two concrete bricks anchoring you to My bed."

I went on, "My Voice is Prominant in your mind.  My Southern drawl fills all your nooks and crannies.  In the moments when you blink you still see My smile.  In the gloom of this room, I am your Focus. I Own you. The fact that you belong to Me brings you relief.  You don't have to do anything but exist for Me.  Follow My instructions.  Do what I say and you will be Okay."

Next I had him flex and unflex the muscles in his calves in time to the movement of My crystal wand.  All the while My Siren Sound wound through his brain.  He was helpless to resist My Will.  When I convinced him his legs were like lead weights I had him repeat the process until he was unable to move. I grinned when he clenched his butt cheeks again and again, at My whim until his glutes glued him to the sheets. He was Held with invisible bonds only I could unchain. 

I put aside My wand and took up a shiny silver pair of scissors.  I crawled up his body and grabbed the bottom of his black t-shirt.  I sliced it apart with the sharp shears.  I did the same with his joggers until he was naked and exposed before Me.  His thick dick started to rise, excited by the subjugation and manipulation.  I inched My way up his form, grazing the tip of his cock as I headed towards his face.  I dangled My tits over his nose before covering his nostrils with My creamy melons.  He was completely defenseless, unable to breathe unless I showed mercy.  

I creeped on up until I was smothering his face with My pussy.  He inhaled My sweet musk but was powerless to reach for what he wanted.  I tortured him with the possibility.  Taunted him with the missed Opportunity.  I teased My clit with his upturned snout.  Finally I demanded, "Eat Me Out."  He could not lift his hands, was limited to working with his mouth but he worked it well. In no time at all I was squirting him with My honey. 

I slid back until I impaled My cunt on his ramrod prick.  Never once did I let go of his gaze.  I whispered, "You are just a tool for My pleasure.  You will Not cum until I give you permission.  You get what I give.  You do what I say, and I say you will stay hard while I use your pole until I am finished."  Up and down, absorbing the friction of skin on skin bliss.  I angled him into My favorite spot, Ruling him with My Twat.  Suddenly I was there.  The wave of My orgasm ran rampant and I soaked him like a Sunami.

I saw the pleading in his expression.  He was forbidden to speak but I knew what he was asking.  He needed to cum and he was silently begging for My approval.  I acknowledged his suffering: "RELEASE!  Let it all Go. Your Tension, your Stress.  Wash it Away!"  He gushed in a long stream across his chest.  I ran My finger through his spunk then dipped it into his mouth so he could taste the evidence of My Domination. I dismissed him with a hiss, "Now I hurl you into the Void.  Clean yourself up and Get Lost.  Don't forget that you are Nothing without Me.  I am your Rainbow in the Dark.  Your Beacon in the Night.  Your only Source of Light. When your demons get you down, know that I am always around.  Dream of Me until you're back by My side. Leave in peace and Thanks for the Ride."

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