Recurring Nightmares.  Do you have them?  How do you deal? In this Modern age, My client consulted Me instead of a Doctor. He confessed that he couldn't sleep, so exhausted he could weep.  The same terror, night after night. Paralyzed by fear, tired past the point of tears. He said he heard My Reputation so he came to Me for Restoration. I had a Super Plan to help this pathetic man. It's Hypnotherapy when Life gets Scary.

In My Experience the best way to heal a recurring nightmare is to change the ending.  To do that, I want to start from the Beginning.  I'll raise your demon from the Depths of Hell then Exorcise it with My Magic Spell.  When My Grand Finale takes you to Heaven, I'll break your Curse with My Secret Weapon.  

I put him in a Darkened Room to recreate his Nightmare Gloom. Then I made his focus Me and My Wand, to Set him Free.  Crystals of the Purest Blue will help us All see what's True.  Lapis Lazuli, the Wisdom Stone with curative powers to bring him Home.  I guided him through Meditation on the road to Liberation. Believe in Me with each deep breath, Relaxation, Suggestive Rest.

I made him Listen to My Voice, convinced him that he had No Choice: "You must Submit to What I say. Take My hand and I'll lead the Way.  Tell Me all that haunts your Dreams.  I will point you through the Stream.  You are safe and Here with Me.  Speak your Truth and Turn the Key."

He inhaled and let it go, faced his fears and let it flow:  Whispered, "I'm heading through a murky tunnel.  There's a faint glow in the distance.  I start running towards the light but the faster I move, the further it looks to be.  Suddenly I'm falling for what seems like forever.  When I hit bottom I can feel myself land.  It's so real.  Then a Shadow looms over me.  I try to scream but I can't make a sound.  I can't move at all. Finally I wake up, scared to death and out of breath."

Sleep Paralysis.  I know it well. I too suffer from that Hell. I praised him for his recitation then shared a bit of information. "You're grinding through your Theta Waves. That's the bump when you hit your rump.  When you arrive in the World of Dreams, keep in mind what it means. Just inhale and Come to Me.  I'm the Light that you See."  

"Now your dread slips away with each step you take My Way.  Remember the Wand in My hand.  Reveal your Truth at My Command. You're falling, falling at My Feet. Your Destination is Complete.  Have no Fear.  I am Here.  All your demons Disappear.  Savor your Anticipation.  Surrender to My New Sensation.  Realize I'm here to stay and now it's time for us to Play. Kneel, My dear, and Obey."

"Put your tongue between My thighs and lick in rhthym with My Sighs. Taste My Nectar drench your face.  Sink into My Holy Grace. Worship Pussy Paradise as your cock begins to Rise. Settle back on your knees.  Jerk your dick, if you please. Now wake up and get your Bliss.  It's time to give My Cunt a Kiss. Back to Life.  Back to Reality.  Renewed, Revived and you Belong to Me."

He dined Out at My Y.  Such a good, devoted guy.  Closing in with a Sassy Grin, I made his prick My new best friend. Washed away his heavy load then I sent him down the road.  

Deep in the Night, in the absence of Light, he still feels My Fire.  No Stranger Danger. A Total Game Changer. Dreams bound by Desire.  The Shadow is Me. Sweet Victory.  Do yourself a Favor. Submit to your HELLRAISER. 

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Surrender to My Southern Charm



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