For Me, the Best part of being a FEMDOM is the Worship. Sometimes subs devote themselves so completely that it rises to the fetishized level of GODDESS WORSHIP.  It's how the servant shows Total submission, that he is willing to go to drastic lengths to get a Smile.  These devotees take Worship to another Level.  They feel lucky just to be near Me.  That's Power.  When I'm with one of these who live to please, I get High on being a Tease.

I get to do stuff like order people to bow before Me.  I get to step on them and boast with Vanity when I say, "Aren't you glad you get to be here?  That I chose you from the throng of followers begging for My attention? That I made time for you in My busy day?" And you know what? They EAT it up and Beg for More! Talk about an Ego Boost! One such person recently passed out before My Very Presence.  You know you're with a Genuine Domme when you experience this Phenomenon and She just laughs.  That's Exactly what I did because I'm not a pretender.  

That's why My ads come with a Warning.  I tell people right from Jump that I'm a Whole Different Animal. There are so many ladies climbing aboard the bondage bandwagon, and I'm not knocking what they do.  Go ahead girls, get yours but when subs come to Me, they're slapped in the face with Reality. So many newbies think they know what it's like to Worship a Dominatrix until they Meet the Real Thing.  This particular week I heard from many of My pets but only one got the job Done.  His Adoration made Me Wet.  His sweet Surrender, his Immersion In Me, now he's My treasured devotee. 

Of course I will not tell him because that's another part of being a Goddess.  When he pleads for  My attention, I get to ignore him.  As if his very existence is beneath My Notice.  He digs it and goes in deeper, which is why this dude's a keeper.  It's like he's in a private competition to prove he will do Anything, so he showed he's got what it takes.  This is about the Meal he Ate. 

I love that his sessions are All About Me.  Worship Time for Victory.  When I let him in he fell to his knees and then he chanted a Litany.  A sing-song story about how much he missed his Mistress, how he's been bereft but I was not Impressed.  He tried to clutch My ankle but I kicked that fool away.  I left him set on "tremble" in the wake of My Sashay.  I strutted to My playroom and he sure knew to crawl.  I waited with My high heels crossed and filed My nails like a Bad-Ass Boss.  

The site of My legs put him further in thrall, a fishnet Dream so he started to cream.  I was bored so I mimicked a yawn, only more incentive for My dutiful pawn. But... I was unaffected by all the tricks he tried, and he was so frustrated he broke down and cried. I turned up My Nose then I stood and struck a Pose. When it comes to whining, I'm deaf to all that Noise. Try and then try harder to be one of My toys.

He needed Me to see him like a bird needs to fly so he struck a bargain cause he's such a clever guy. He wanted My attention so he rose to the Occasion.  He offered up his backside for a bit of My Abrasion.  I put on gloves and grabbed My wooden paddle.  He still wasn't worth the Silk of My Skin but to sacrifice his pound of flesh was a Nice way to Begin.  I wielded My weapon with the drilled out Hearts.  In No time at all, he was wearing My Marks.  

In exchange for his pain, I let him rub Me down. If he wants to pamper Me who am I to wear a frown? He massaged My body from head to toe, which did in fact make his limp dick grow.  He started to pant, to rant and to rave, but I just went on ignoring My slave.  He lost his mind as he traveled down My front.  What he really wanted was a taste of My Cunt.  

He begged and begged but that won't work so he asked, "What must I do to earn my Dessert?"  Now he got a Giggle, then with a Sinister Grin I warned My poor apostle what he had to do to Win: "Would you bathe in My Holy Fire?  Burn in My Flames for What you Desire?"  I lit My baton and like a Phoenix in the Night, I came at him with Immaculate Light.  He saw the Fever of Shiva in My Eyes and he knelt before Me, his gaze between My thighs.  He cowered beneath My display of Power.  Insane! Enflamed! He began to praise My Name.  I attacked his back while he enjoyed his Snack! 

The scent of burning hair wafted through My lair while a hunk of burning Love ate My Snatch with Flare. He spoke in Tongues as Passion took Control.  He confessed his sins then sold Me his Soul.  My Nectar was Ambrosia filling up his mouth.  A Fanatical Flood for his system since he was so Devout.  I told you in the Beginning, for him it's All About Me, so he pulled on his poor cock while he Worshipped My Divine Pussy.  

Such a good disciple with demonstrative Devotion.  He even did the clean-up which deserved some Emotion.  So I gave him a pat on the head which turned My slave to a bright, crimson Red.  So happy to receive My Magic Touch he lit up with a Brilliant blush.  That's why for Me, this Life is a Scream because they cum to WORSHIP this BDSM Queen.



Find out what it's like to Serve a TRUE SOUTHERN DOMME 



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