Teaching Tommy

Tommy had only been with one woman in his life, but he fantasized about being Dominated by an older woman. He wanted to be ordered around, told what to do, and taught how to please, while on his knees. More than that, he wanted to be cuckolded and humiliated. I was thrilled at the idea of Teaching Tommy, so I called in the stud. My stud is a favorite lover. He's 6'5" with short, fluffy brown hair and soulful brown eyes.

Tommy is a young man, about 28 years old. He is tall and beefy with shaggy black hair.  When I got them in the room together, I was filled with a feeling of Power. I ordered them both to get naked and get ready to serve at My Pleasure. Studly's big thick cock was ready to rock. I looked at Tommy and laughed at his small, ineffectual prick. I made fun of his "little soldier" and I said, "I sure hope you're good at eating pussy because I don't think you can do much with that tiny thing." I pointed and laughed again. I pushed him to his knees and demanded that he get to work. 

Tommy barely touched Me with his tongue. It was as if he was scared to get close. I mocked, "Oh Tommy, don't be afraid of My pussy. Move out of the way and let Studly show you how it's done." My giant stud picked Me up, and laid Me back on the bed then went in for a juicy snack. I threw My legs over Studly's shoulders then I ordered, "Come here, Tommy." I grabbed Tommy's head and pushed his face in line with Studly's mouth. I teased, "See how his tongue circles My clit while he fingers My cunt? Now you try it." 

Tommy switched places with the Stud but Tommy was still a dud. I taunted, "Tommy, you're pathetic. Since it seems like you can't learn, go sit in the corner and watch." Studly took back over. He dove into My snatch, his face pressing into My pussy with gusto, licking and slurping while I moaned and groaned. He gave quite the tutorial and shortly I was squirting down his throat. Studly said, "Yummy," then popped Me onto his stomach to give his dick a ride. After a few minutes I told the stud to get behind Me and then I ordered Tommy to lick Studly's ass while Studly fucked Me doggy style.  I said, "This is your punishment since you can't learn, Tommy. Eat Studly's ass since you can't lick a pussy."

I was so turned on, Dominating these two men, that I peaked like a whirlwind. Tommy jerked his tiny dick and came on Studly's butt because, in the end, he was a pitiful little cuck. The lesson he learned was how to get burned and so the story goes, he got what he earned. 

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