I've got a guy who works like a dog when he plays in My dungeon so I decided to make him act like one. I covered his head with a German shepherd mask and put a leash around his neck. I made him crawl across the floor and he panted with joy. No talking allowed. One bark for yes and two barks for no. That's the way communication would go. I don't want to hear what he has to say anyway.

I dragged him into the playroom and ordered his ass across My spanking bench. I chained him to each leg of the bench and laughed at the picture he made, sprawled out with his balls dangling like a target. I started with My wooden paddle with the drilled-out hearts. I spanked his ass until it shined like a bright red Valentine. Marks that showed that he was mine. Impact play ruled the day, ramping up the adrenaline. That was My gift to him. Next, I tickled his skin with My dragon tail whip, then I really went at him and made him flip. He inhaled his taste of pain then My floggers made it rain. First I chose a heavy leather lasher, then smaller whips used together. 

I went for his balls. He barked once to show how much he loved it. With a whip in both of My hands, I alternated swatting strands. I flogged his body from top to bottom. Oh, how he howled when I turned up the volume. I grazed his body with My nails, traveling up and down his shaking legs. Then I palmed his balls and scratched them raw, grabbed his cock and stroked it hard. I went whap! Whap! Whap! with My riding crop and though he whined, I would not stop. I hit his prick with My cane and then I jerked it til it drained. I shoved a plug in his butt and drilled it in until it stuck. 

My doggy barked, just once for luck and then I gave his ass a fuck. I pegged his hiney, doggy-style and My Femdom pace drove him wild. I left him in a crimson mess and made him do clean-up, in his mask. When he finished all his tasks, I kicked him out. I called in a lover who stoked My flames like no other. As you know, this Femdom Queen deserves the best of everything. I won't settle for a dog when My stud muffin does the job. 


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