Suspension and Impact Play go together like peanut butter and chocolate. It's like having your own human pinata. What a way to create that helpless, out-of-control feeling, right? One of My subs begged to hang while he wore My marks, which is a perfect way to win My heart. The ones who suffer are My near and dear. I love to make guys blue; black and blue to pay their dues. 

This guy took it a step further. He asked for Abrasion play. He wanted Me to beat him hard with a switch from My backyard. A thorny stick that made him scream while he hung from the ceiling until he creamed. The harder I hit, the more he was Lit but first I started with a bit of candle-waxing. I warmed him up with the color red while he twisted and turned, over-head. He breathed deep and sucked it up so I bopped him on his butt. 

He was defenseless and he loved it. I could do anything to him that I wanted, though he could stop everything in an instant by using his safe word. Plus I could not violate his hard limits. He did not have many and I was free to do as I pleased. I was high on Domination so I decided to dispense a little vibration. I lubed his hole and shoved in a pole. I turned it to the highest setting. I bopped the pole with My riding crop, then made him spin like a top. Bop It! Bop It! I did not stop it! 

I hit him with everything I had. I used floggers and paddles while he swung in his saddle but My thorny switch really scratched his Itch! I introduced a crimson trail, Marking flesh until he wailed. He moaned and groaned from the sub-space zone. His eyes were dazed and he looked stoned. It was time to take his soul. It was time to peg his hole. 

I took the vibrator out of his ass. I laughed at the disappointment that painted his face. I told him not to worry. I had a huge strap-on waiting in the wings. I fastened the harness to My hips so I could take him on a Femdom trip. I pulled him to Me and yanked his hair while I fucked his bottom as hard as I dared. He yelled for More though his butt was sore. It was what he needed, down in his core. I pounded him from top to bottom. I jerked his cock as he rocked. He squirted cum on his own face just to show he knows his place. I left him swinging in the breeze because I am a Femdom Tease. Don't you worry, he was pleased. 




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