If you've been to visit the Doctor then you know that you spend more time with the Nurse. I have a client who wanted Me to be a Naughty Nurse who gets down and dirty. Please enjoy this Femdom Story.

The man reviewed his daily calendar and was excited to see he had a scheduled check-up. Sure, it was time for a visit, but more than that, he was anxious to see the Nurse. He remembered his last visit. When the Nurse checked his ears, nose, and throat, he was positive She played the Imp. Her breath in his ears tickled his senses, Her boobs so close to his chest as She listened to his pounding heart. He had not forgotten the way She spanked him, just once, as he dismounted from the exam table. He could swear She even winked. 

The Woman was ballsy. He had been fantasizing about Her for weeks. He was a bad boy and he was hoping for some discipline. This visit includes a prostate exam. The bad boy could not stop imagining Her fingers in his ass. Just maybe if he riled Her up, his Naughty Nurse would dish out some punishment. 

The next morning, he arrived at the Medical Office early. He grabbed a chair and waited impatiently, bouncing his knees nervously. The anticipation was torture. He was already sporting a chubby. He thought, "Oh well, I'll just enjoy the humiliation. Maybe if the Nurse sees my erection, She'll join in the game." 

Finally, the door opened and She was there, calling his name. How sweet it sounded, slipping from Her lips. The sound of Her voice sent him spiraling. His pulse raced and he was no longer at half-mast. His dick stood at full attention, but then pain wracked his body. The Nurse raised Her clipboard high and came down on his erection, sending him in the other direction. She laughed and said, "Oops! Sorry." Her eyes sparkled with mischief and the man knew She was not sorry one bit. He did not believe it was an accident, but clearly, She wanted to pretend like it was.

The man gulped and simpered at Her stare. He followed Her into the exam room, surprised at how meek he felt though he was completely aroused. He hopped onto the table and lost himself in Her. Just like last year, She whispered in his ear, twisting him into a horny knot. She leaned into him, rubbing against his chest like she did before. He could feel Her nipples stabbing into his and his cock sprang back to life. Next, the Nurse checked his blood pressure. She tsked, tsked, tsked, saying, "Well that's not good at all. Someone has been a bad boy. You haven't been taking your medicine, have you?" The Nurse punctuated Her statement with a slap to the top of his hand. Just enough to make him feel like a petulant schoolboy.

The man hoped his compliance was a clue to the Nurse that She could go further and he would obey. He lowered his eyes and took Her ire. She went on about his disobedience and then She grabbed him by his collar. The Nurse pulled him in close and snapped, "I have had it with people like you ignoring My advice. I do what I can to help keep you alive, but you don't care. Today, I'm going to make you care." The man was more than alive. He was exhilarated. He couldn't wait for the Nurse to do Her worst. 

There was an adjustable hospital bed in the corner of the room. The Nurse went to the bed and wrenched it into position, then She dragged the man from the exam table. The Nurse threw him across the adjustable bed, then tied him up with some gauze that She kept nearby. The Nurse ranted about how no one listens. She vowed to make an impression the man would never forget. The man was thrilled with Her display of aggression. When the Nurse wrapped him in the silky gauze, his dick grew rock hard. 

The Nurse angled him so that his mouth was level with Her pussy. She ordered him to lick Her clit as She ground against his face. His tongue flicked and fluttered while the Nurse bathed Her fingers with lube. She reached beneath his balls and shoved Her middle finger up his butt while he ate Her like dessert. As the Nurse found Her peak, She slammed into him again and again. His prostate exploded and he came like never before while the Naughty Nurse shook on top of him. She found Her peak so She set him free and left him trembling on his knees. She told the man She would see him Next year, kissed him on his forehead, and whacked his rear. Then She kicked him out the door, knowing that he was Her whore. 

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