Friday, I'm in Love

 Tall, dark, and handsome. Yes, mr. friday is all those things but what I love best is how he serves Me. We have a standing appointment every Friday afternoon. He puts himself completely in My hands and does it with a smile. What a smile it is. With a twinkle in his soulful eyes, he endures My Succubus. That demon in Me steals his life force and leaves him weak and wanting More. He's the kind that loves that pain. I'm the kind that loves a pain whore. That's what I turned him into. It's why he keeps coming back for More.  

When I pull on his balls and scrape My nails along his cock, mr. friday comes alive. He gets off on the suffering, and that's what I need. If only I could make him Bleed. I did the next best thing. I branded his back with hot, candle wax. I used a drip candle, raising it high to let the spill cool just a bit. I wrote My Name with heat and malice. I got high watching the red reaction. Mistress Victory blazed across his backside, My ownership stamp of approval. But I wanted More. I paddled his ass with metal spikes, then I chomped down for a juicy bite. I enflamed his crimson welts then smacked him with My dragon belt. 

 I rolled him onto his burning back so I could torture his tied-up sack. CBT is a lovely way to prove his adoration. I dug My claws into his meat then tore his flesh with My teeth. The more it hurts the more I squirt, the more I value his place on earth. I adore a sub who takes it rough. I wrapped his cock with a thin green rope, squeezed tight for My pleasure. He gave in to the pressure, groaning in ecstasy for good measure.  

My Friday guy was helpless and happy. His dick was hard and stretched to its limit. I settled on top to give it a pop, then slid upon his shaved groin. I rode him like a Cowgirl Boss then popped a dildo in his arse. In and out, I fucked his butt while he moaned like a slut. Sensation took him on a trip, subspace soaring on a mental flip. He bit his lip with pure delight as I pegged him through the night. I turned him into a pile of goo. Friday, I'm in Love with you. 

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